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About Us

In 1976, Frankel Financial Corp. was established with the idea of providing a wide spectrum of financial solutions to the non-bank qualified loan transaction.  Since then, Frankel Financial Corp. has evolved into a leading provider of innovative and flexible financial solutions to both bank qualified and non-bank qualified clients throughout the Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey region. 

Specializing in commercial and residential real estate transactions and business financing, Frankel Financial Corp. is on the cutting edge of providing both bank-qualified and non bank-qualified clients with the most competitive financing available.  Our products occupy the strategic space between capitalization and liquidity events for companies and individuals that are emerging, growing, restructuring or seeking turnaround.

Since its inception, Frankel Financial Corp. has supported bank institutions, accounting firms, attorneys, real estate agents, and other financial professionals in assisting their clients to obtain a broad range of financial transactions.  In fact, it is referrals from these strategic relationships that have developed into Frankel Financial Corp’s number one source for business.

Along with Frankel Financial Corp’s ability to offer the most competitive financing available and its expertise in the bank qualified and non-bank qualified client, it is Frankel Financial Corp’s strict commitment of service to its clients that separates us from the competition.  At Frankel Financial Corp, we provide our clients with the highest quality services in the industry today.  After only one meeting with any member of the Frankel Financial Corp. team, you will realize that you are working with not only a leader in the industry, but a friend in the business.

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