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Frankel Financial Corp. assists banking institutions, accounting firms, attorneys, real estate agents, and other financial professionals to enhance their level of service to their clients.  IT IS TRUE!  By establishing a referral relationship with Frankel Financial Corp. you will be able to maintain strong relationships with your clients by offering them a more complete suite of products and services, to include:  

Residential Mortgages (First & Seconds)

  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Growth & Working Capital Financing
  • Bank Workout/Turnaround
  • Debt Consolidation/Restructuring
  • Asset-Based Financing
  • Account Receivable Financing
  • SBA Financing

Specifically, Frankel Financial Corp. assists banking institutions throughout the Greater Philadelphia/New Jersey to secure financial solutions for their clients who do not fulfill in-house bank guidelines for one of the following reasons: distressed credit, cash flow stipulations, employment history (client may be self-employed), high LTV, high debt ratios, and property type. 

At Frankel Financial Corp., we our fully committed to structuring innovative and flexible financial solutions that will help your bank-qualified and non-bank qualified clients meet their individual and/or business borrowing objectives.  IT IS TRUE!  Since our inception, Frankel Financial Corp. has structured or funded $150 million in transactions per year through our referral relationship program.  Our experience is second to none.

 Let Frankel Financial Corp. assist your clients secure financial solutions that you might not otherwise be able to provide.  The benefits of establishing a referral relationship with Frankel Financial Corp. are great: 


  • Maintain strong relationships with your client by enhancing your level of service. 
  • Earn a referral fee upon successful closing
  • Another satisfied client results in more referral business for you.

We look forward to the possibility of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with you and would welcome the opportunity to discuss our full range of our services and funding strategies.  To get more information on becoming a referral partner for Frankel Financial Corp., call Richard Frankel, Vice President today at (215) 641-9700 so we can start building a mutually rewarding relationship for tomorrow.

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